Credit Unions


SimpliRisk is an easy-to-use, affordable compliance automation software service for AML, BSA and Watch List scanning.  The software comes with out-of-the-box default settings in place so that you can start using SimpliRisk immediately.  SimpliRisk is pre-integrated with most major core data processors to receive overnight batch files.

SimpliRisk gives you the tools you need to meet NCUA expectations and protect your credit union from excessive risk.

Transaction Monitoring

Monitor member transactions with multi-variable and intelligent rules that are straight forward, easy to understand, and evolve as you grow.  There is no proprietary black magic with SimpliRisk, just clear, concise and high quality results.  When an examiner asks you why, with SimpliRisk you can give them a specific answer, backed up with evidence and documentation. Learn more…

Add our Enhanced Business Account Monitoring (EBAM) module if you to benefit from customized risk profiles for each business account.  See EBAM in action.

Risk Rating

Create a risk model for your general membership and a separate model for your business accounts.  Risk rate all your members with over a 100 risk factors, mark them either above or below your risk threshold.  Use our easy to use workflow tools to review your high risk accounts.  Learn more…

Member Due Diligence

Review your alerts through a drill down workflow process.  Keep individual notes for each member and each transaction or risk rating alert.  Create exceptions for specific members to avoid repeat alerts.  Use our case management module when you need to investigate a member or account by opening a case with 1-click.  Set deadlines for different phases of a case with automated reminders.  We help keep the member due diligence easy, efficient and organized.  Learn more…

Watch List

Perform quick OFAC scans for individual names when doing cashier’s checks or other in-branch operations.  Schedule complete member database scans on a regular basis.  Upload files for transaction OFAC scanning.  Enjoy the SimpliRisk Smart Scanning Technology (SST) and know that after your first member database review of potential matches it gets much easier as you will only review potential matches when records change.  Perform your 314a and blacklist scans using the same features and SST benefits.  Learn more...

Take advantage of some of our single sign on implementations for easy integration.

Implementation Services

SimpliRisk has a compliance and risk management team that is highly experienced in the industry and works with customers to ensure that SimpliRisk supports the institutions existing BSA, AML or risk assessment policies.  While our typical implementation is usually completed within a few weeks, we provide special support services for the first 60 days after you go live.  This time period gives you full access to our compliance and product team to help you configure rules, adjust default settings, or discuss any best practices or procedures that might help.  Our goal at SimpliRisk is to give you a platform that is easy to setup, simple to use, backed up by excellent customer support and gives you the confidence that your next exam will be free of any serious findings with respect to your AML, BSA and Fraud practices and procedures.